After I bought my first set of and had been playing the game for a while, I found that I wanted a new golf bag. I wanted one that had more slots for clubs and that just looked nicer and newer than the one that I had. My coworker saw this bag and we both fell in love with it. It had paired nicely with a push cart from the same company. It had the “Clip Lock” which I found as an awesome feature. Along with the strap at the bottom, this golf bag actually locked in place on the push cart, making it a fantastic pair.

The Features

14-way organizer top with full length dividers
Clip-Lock Technology lock clubs in place, preventing them from banging together
Convenient putter clip
13 functional pockets provide plenty of storage
Insulated cooler pocket
Mesh side pockets for easy access
spacious ball pocket
Tuckaway strap system; Keeps shoulder strap hidden when not in use
Hi-tech molded top and bottom-mounted handle. Allows for easy loading and unloading
Cart sleeve prevents bag from twisting on cart

I absolutely love the 14-way organizers. Having the full length dividers on this is great. With my old bag all my clubs would get tangled at the bottom of the bag making it hard at times to quickly get the clubs on the bag. With these dividers, that is not a problem.

Along with this bag, I also bought the associated push cart. Being able to make use of the clip lock is a handy feature. I don’t really have to strap in my bag. I can just put the bag on and go. Very convenient.

I have to be honest. Until writing this review, I did not know that there was a putter clip. I will need to look further into that. There are two spots on there to hold your pencil and your golf green fixer, apologies, I don’t know the correct term for that. There is also plenty of space for all your tools while on the green.

There is a great cooler on the bag that makes for a great place to put your lunch or keep a drink cold. This is great for a lite snack while you are waiting for your buddy to take his turn, or for a snack during a tournament. There are many more pockets on this bag, but that is one of my favorites.


I could go on and on about this bag, but I won’t. The basis is that this was a great purchase. It looks and functions so much better than the old one that I originally bought for $70, including clubs. I will be very happy with this bag for many years to come. If you wish to purchase this bag for yourself, there is an Amazon link below.

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