Around the same time that I was purchasing my Bag Boy cart bag, my buddy was looking to buy the Golf Push Cart that would go with it. I loved this idea as it would allow me to save some money when we went golfing. It not only had the benefit of saving me money, but allowed me to get some more exercise by walking through the course rather than riding. 

Features I was looking for

Obviously I wanted a push cart, that is a given. But since I was getting the Bag Bog golf bag it made sense to get one that would take advantage of the Clip Lock feature that my golf bag came with. That is when I found the BagBoy Nitron Golf Push Cart. It used the Clip Lock and had some other nice features that I was looking for. 

I hate having things in my pockets, so it made sense that the push cart that I purchased also had a place to store the things that I normally kept in my pockets. This golf bag is great for that. It has a impressive compartment that can store my phone, wallet, and keys, as well as extra golf balls and tees. If you are like me and use your smartphone to view your distance to the whole, there is a special spot just for your phone that till hold it upright for easy viewing.

Other Great Features

One of the biggest perks for me is the cup holder. It has a decent sized cup holder that will allow you to put something like a Gatorade in it. I have not tested the larger Gatorade, but judging from the size of the whole, I wouldn’t be surprised if they fit.

On top of the storage, there is a place for your scorecard and a pencil holder on the inside of the storage. If you are one that likes to play in the rainy weather, it comes with an attachable umbrella holder. My friend often uses this same holder as a place for an additional golf ball.

This push cart will hold any golf bag that you put into it, it does have the straps for other bags, but I love that it has the Clip Lock for my bag. All I have to do is put on my bag and lock it in place. 

This push cart also folds down to make for easy storage and transport. I was glad to find out that it did this. It is very light and easy to fold in and out. Once folded out, you can adjust the handle to be at your desired height.


I really love this push cart. I love everything about it. It rides very smooth on both the grass and the cement. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is looking for a new golf push cart. Even if you don’t purchase any of the Golf Bags with click lock on them. 

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